Advanced Techniques and Process 2B – Test Shoot 3

Outcome – 1 

The aims of this task were to continue photographing my charity shop accessories within different conceptual styles; through high fashion make-up trends, different poses and conceptual and ordinary use of props.

I met the aims of my task. I managed to chose and direct a certain high fashion make-up style i wanted portrayed through collaborating with a make-up artist and becoming aware of what my model looked like so that i could infuse colours which complimented her. As well as this i discussed different ways of using the props with the model as we were shooting which allowed her to feel comfortable and confident.

I feel that i have managed to capture different uses for the props from previous test shoot 2 however i am finding that the focus of my models eyes is still not as sharp as i want them to be, therefore i need to work on focusing my camera correctly and checking whilst shooting more regularly (every shot). As well as this i want to direct the use of the props further, this needs to be done through clothing to compliment the accessories.

As i am aiming to capture high quality fashion portraits i also want them to touch up any small issues within Photoshop therefore i have touched up the blemishes and tweaked the levels and curves. I am happy with images 1-4 the contrast of colours is strong, the background is pure white without bleaching the models skin and the composition of the image is un-distracting to the audience due to framing of subject. However in images 5 + 6 i am still unsure i didn’t tweak the levels and curves as much due to the props used and i also wanted to test the different aesthetic it created. Also i feel the framing of these images isn’t as strong, there’s too much space above subject in image 5 and too little space in image 6. The expression in image 6 is also fierce which is also off putting for looking at the image.

I am going to ask for feedback upon the post-production i have done and i also want to work on it more to give it a more fashion portrait style; (soft/flawless skin)

UPDATE – 30/03/15

After feedback on images above, i have re-looked at images 1 + 2 and re-altered the levels and curves. The feedback given was that the images were slightly dark. This was helpful and appropriate as she was looking at a different screen and the contrast and brightness of the screen will be different.

UPDATE – 31/03/15

After meeting up with a local professional photographer and discussing my images i have gained some good critical and helpful feedback on both test shoot 2 and 3

– I need to double check the exposure of the background – too bright and over exposed onto model
– try without lit background – looks like catalogue style – not fashion portrait/high fashion
– further direction of model – poses/expressions
– take care in how models looks – test shoot 3 – model looks tired


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