Advanced Studio Practice 2B – Test Shoot 8

Outcome 3 – Record of substantial body of work

The aim of this task was to photograph a women in relation to specific magazine images in order to show how women are objectified/represented within the media.

Looking at specific magazine articles/photographs (found in outcome 1 – labelled) and parodying the pose and position of the models within a domestic setting using a real looking women and domestic props i managed to achieve the aims of my shoot.
However the outcome of the images within the series are not what i wanted to represent.
I was aiming to show how women are represented like dolls/objects within fashion magazines/industry in order to sell/advertise. Therefore i positioned my model within the domestic scene posing like a doll, i then added domestic products as accessories to show the everyday scene and chores a women preforms. However this also presents objectification of women as domestic doers/house wife/dependant which is what the present style of photography is trying to advance from since the 1970’s. Since society developed so has the representation of women, transforming them from dependant and powerless to independent and successful. Women have gone from begin positioned powerless to men in images to standing alone independently presented to the male. Which is where the representation of objectifying women continues within advertising today, specifically fashion. To idealise the women for the men and to attract the women to aspire. False representation of how women look/act/exist in order to create lust and desire for the viewer.

Therefore i decided to take the magazine photos more physically and presented my model as a doll. Positioned her as a play toy to represent how ridiculous women are portrayed.

This was a more successful theme and i continued to meet my aims. However overall i would have preferred to have been able to spend more time developing this representation. The sharpness of the images could be stronger. The planning could be more thorough and the locations could be expanded and developed. But overall i am happy with what i have managed to create and hope that it represents the issues related to women within the media.


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Olivia Bates

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