Specialist techniques and processes 3 – Comparing photography kit



Comparing using Cannon 5D Mark II vs Nikon D700 vs Cannon 650D

Group testing

Comparing within a group to see the similarities within the three different cameras.

I have noticed that within the Cannon 650D;  the screen is contrasty, dark shadows are cast under nose and chin (exposure altered to +1/3), a small catch light is visible on centre of forehead however this can be fixed by repositioning the models head or added a reflector. The camera is small and super light making it easy to use. It is compatible with SD cards, ISO settings have a good range of high and low settings. Framing within the image is averagely accurate. Overall i like the outcome of the images used with this camera, it creates a strong quality image and the touch screen makes it easier to use therefore i would like to continue using this camera within my testing work.

Within the Cannon 5D; there is an overall magenta tone to the images. The blacks are darker within these images than with the Nikon D700. The screen on the camera is red making it difficult to trust. The camera itself is heavier than the Cannon 650 however much lighter than the Nikon D700. Framing within the image is extremely out, have to move close to subject to put them in full frame, lots of head space is left above without doing so, however this can also be off putting to subject as camera itself is large scale. The quality of the image is strong however I am not a fan of the magenta tone. It is only compatible however with compact flash cards.

Finally the Nikon D700; the overall colour balance is right however the images have a warmer yellow tone through them, this i like however as it warms the image. The LCD screen is bright which makes it difficult to trust and the image looks flat. To alter this within the first image i altered the exposure +2/3, blue temp 4900 which is warmer than the Canoon 650D, altered Magenta -11 and overall there was a richer skin tone throughout the image. This camera is much heavier than both Cannon cameras as well as my own Nikon, it is more complex to use and we struggled with setting the custom white balance. I found the Cannon cameras have stronger sharpness also. This camera also vast framing issues. I also struggled focusing with this camera due to the weight, the Cannon cameras were easier to use.

In conclusion the Cannon 5D and the Nikon D700 have the same range in ISO and both use compact flash, they are bigger/bulkier cameras. I would like to use all of them again in a more suitable practice manner however i found using the Cannon 650D  to be my favourite of all three cameras.


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