Specialist Techniques and Process 3 – Comparing Photography Kit Development


Comparing 5/4 Film Camera vs Medium Format

Within the studio I set up the 5/4 Toyo  Camera to compare against the medium format Mamiya. With the Sinar i used a Schneider 210mm telephoto lens, however they are usually used with a 150mm standard lens or 90mm wide angle lens.

It was my first time using the Toyo camera and it was a lengthy process. The subject has to be positioned and stay still as possible so that the focus is in the right position, the image is upside down as it is not mirrored like a DSLR. The bellows in the middle allow the camera to move in length ways for more extension like a macro lens.
Once I had my model posed and focused, I put in the film in darkness (used black and white film – Kodak 1978 films was 400 ISO however due to fading now about 150 ISO) then i set the camera up and set of the flash. I did this twice and then hand processed the film.

I have used Medium Format camera before therefore I set up the role of film within the camera, set up the scene/lighting and the camera and took my shots, I then got this developed at Pro Am as it was colour film. Once i had the Negatives back for both cameras I scanned them in to compare.

Looking over the scanned negatives I can say they both create strong/striking negatives.

Both negatives are filled with sharp details of the subject. I photographed the same model to compare. I find the medium format negatives to have more of a clear cast and sharp detail whereby the 5/4 negatives are slightly foggy, however this could be due to the different processing methods use. The 5/4 negatives would be useful as portraits prints due to their scale size where as the medium format are square however this is an affect i like. Overall i prefer the quality and effect of the medium format.


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