Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Shoot 3


Fake freckles have been part of an emerging make-up trend since Spring Summer (SS)2014. Over the past 2 years it has developed from Topshop’s freckle pencil, to tattooed freckles and now to rainbow freckles.
I am going to be reamping rainbow freckles. I am going to incorporate other ongoing influential trends and create a series of images which are bold and stand out in order to show how greatly influenced consumers are by the fashion industry.

Colourful drawn on freckles
Nightly make-up appearance
Slicked back hair styles
Coloured backdrops
Cropped portraits

(pictures of evidence coming soon) (pictures for major project portfolio coming soon)
10/03/16 – Shoot commencing 

The aim of this shoot was to revamp the current trend of fake freckles and create a series of images which show how consumers follow trends. However when photographing i decided to test photographing numerous trends again like in shoot 2. I developed the fake freckles into a more colourful look and collaborated with two other trends. I photographed using a speed light and soft box facing the subject upon various coloured backdrops.

This is due to feedback from test two, discussing in regards to narrative and dissertation research; looking at new objectivity, typologies and de-personalisation in relation to adolescence themes.

I tested the trends upon different coloured backdrops in order to see which trend and composition flattered each other best. I also photographed using a speed light and soft box so that i can photograph at home in order to accommodate the subjects of my work and to be able to collaborate openly. I will be buying extra coloured card for my backdrops too add more space for posing an cropping of the images.

Overall the sharpness of the images is not as high as i would like them to be. I have been testing kit therefore this will be improved within the next shoot, as they will be finalised portfolio images. From capturing five different trends, posing with and without direction and using various coloured backdrops i have decided that i will be producing images to a strict structure. This structure will be written up and passed on to the collaborating make-up artist before Shoot 4 on 20/03/16. Each trend will be photographed on a different coloured backdrop, each trend will be photographed on all subjects and each subject will be posed the same for each trend to create consistency for potential typologies to be created.



Published by

Olivia Bates

My aim is to delve in to the alliance between fashion and people so I can explore the link between the subjects in order to communicate my image I have the ability to approach any difficult situation and solve any problems to find resolutions in order to work efficiently. I can manage situations, communicate honestly and have a trustworthy manner as I am expressive and take no nonsense which allows me to get the job done. Please contact me at; livbates93@gmail.com and visit my website; www.oliviabatesphotography.foliohd.com

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